Interested in consigning with us? Below are a few frequently asked questions.

What types of items do you consign?
We carry a wide variety of items including furniture, lighting, mirrors and other home decor items. If you are unsure if your item would be a good fit please give us a call at 941-926-4600

How long will you keep my piece on the floor?
Unlike many other consignment stores at Empire Gallery we have no time limit as to how long an item can stay in our store. It is in everyone’s best interest for an item to sell, but different items sell well at different times of the year.

How will my item be priced?
This is another thing that makes Empire Gallery different. We will provide you with a recommended price however you can set a reserve on the item that you are comfortable with. We will not automatically reduce an item over time, we may however suggest that you if your piece has not moved that you should consider lowering your price.

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